Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Old Art, For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Just for the record, all of these drawings are pretty damn OLD. I've improved at least a little bit! Just wanted to share, though. :)
The proportions on this one got a little fucked up, but that's alright. I based it off of an old photograph of a ballet dancer in Ziegfield's Follies. I thought she'd make a nice faerie.
I love Chicago. I love it A LOT. I'm not gonna lie, I fucked up the face, but I'm really proud of the jail bars. For some reason, I just can't draw Catherine Zeta Jones. Ever.
Louise Brooks, a.k.a. The Greatest Person In The World. Oh how I love her!
Amanda Fucking Palmer, a.k.a. The Other Greatest Person In The World.
Another one of Amanda Palmer. Got it signed by her at a concert (that's the scribbly black thing over on the side there. Epic signature!)
This one was fun: Madonna on scratchboard, colored on the computer.
Another scratchboard piece, this one of Peter Pan. Thought I needed to do something original, so BAM! Peter!
Scratchboard: one of the most famous photos of Louise Brooks. Again, wonky proportions, but whatever. I like it.
Scratchboard: another Louise.
ANOTHER Louise! This one took forever and a day to draw, and in the end I fucked up the face (are you noticing a pattern?), but you know what? Her dress looks amazing, so I'm not too concerned.
Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine. Thought it would be interesting to draw a picture of Clementine actually disappearing gradually instead of instantly. Based on a screencap. (I think it's funny that men in my drawings are less um...advanced looking...than the women)
Scratchboard: Edward Scissorhands that I made for a cousin of mine. Added color to the butterfly later with colored pencils. That sucked. Kind of wish I'd left it black and white, but whatever.
I did this for my friend Ann: It's a picture of her daughter, Capucine. :)
Scratchboard: The Beast (according to Disney. Best Beast EVER)
Annie Lennox that I drew in high school.

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